How do we organise our gallery?

Photographs are categorised mainly by the make and model of the buses, then by the bus operators. Small collections of the same model operated by various companies will be placed under one album. Menus listed by country and individual operators are also available for browsing the gallery.

With globalisation, the same model could be found in several countries, which provides the opportunity for comparison among them.

Specific details could be easily searched using the Search function.

The file name of each photograph was renamed with the fleet number (if available), the registration plate of the vehicle and the route number. If the fleet number could not be found on all of the buses operated by the same company, the fleet number will be entirely omitted.

Keywords are tagged on each photograph by bus company name, the type of bus and bodywork company name. Other details may include the branding of the services and standard liveries across different operators due to certain obligations. Buses operated with route numbers in Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia, will be tagged with the route number for easy searching.