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Hong Kong
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Citybus (城巴) / Cityflyer (城巴機場快線)Citybus Limited, established in 1979, is second largest bus operator in Hong Kong. Citybus is wholly owned by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises and NWS Holdings (together with New World First Bus). Cityflyer is an airport coach express service originating from the Hong Kong International Airport, provided by Citybus.

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Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB / 九巴)The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited (KMB) is the largest franchised bus operator in Hong Kong and also one of the largest bus operator in the world.

KMB operates a fleet of about 4000 buses.

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New Lantao Bus / Kwoon Chung Bus (新大嶼山巴士有限公司 / 冠忠巴士集團有限公司)
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New World First Bus (NWFB / 新巴)
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Park Island Transport
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Okinawa Prefecture
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Tokyo Prefecture
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Other Buses
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Reolian Transport
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Bas Pekerja
Bas Sekolah
Konsortium Transnasional Berhad
Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd
[State] Johor
11 111
[State] Kedah
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[State] Melaka
[State] Negeri Sembilan
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[State] Pahang
7 55
[State] Penang
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[State] Perak
12 44
[State] Selangor / Kuala Lumpur
12 75
Go-Ahead Singapore
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Private Operators
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SBS TransitSBS Transit is a leading public transport operator in Singapore, it operates bus services and two train lines - Downtown Line and North-East Line. SBS Transit is a member of ComfortDelGro Limited and formerly known as Singapore Bus Service Limited (SBS). Currently, SBS Transit has a huge fleet of more than 3200 buses, comprising of single decker buses and double decker buses, largely manufactured by renowned European brands such as Scania, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. As at June 2014, large quantities of Volvo B9TL (Wrightbus) and Mercedes-Benz Citaro are being acquired as part of the company's fleet renewal and expansion.

Singapore Bus Services (SBS) was formed in 1973 with the merger of the then three major private bus companies, namely the Amalgamated Bus Company Limited, the Associated Bus Services (Private) Limited and the United Bus Limited. With the merger, Singapore's public transport system was progressively improved.

SBS had also operated operate premium scheduled services under its subsidiary company, SBS Leisure. However, these services were eventually abolished and is no longer in existent.

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Singapore-Johore Express (SJE)
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SMRT BusesSMRT Buses is the second largest public bus operator in Singapore and was formerly known as Trans Island Bus Services (TIBS). SMRT Buses is under its parent company, SMRT Coporation. SMRT Corporation operates taxis, bus services and three train lines - North-South Line, East-West Line and Circle Line.

TIBS was incorporated by Singapore Shuttle Bus Pte Ltd (SSB) on 31 May 1982 and began operations with 37 buses and 2 bus services on 3 April 1983.
On 12 March 1987, TIBS bought over SSB, which operated the City Shuttle Service.
In 2001, TIBS Holdings became a subsidiary of SMRT and continued its operations under the TIBS branding.
On 10 May 2004, Trans Island Bus Services was rebranded as SMRT Buses.
On 28 April 2007, CSS 608 was withdrawn, closing the chapter on SSB and City Shuttle Service.

Currently, SMRT Buses has a fleet of more than 1100 buses, comprising of the single decker 12-metre buses, articulated (bendy) buses and double decker buses, largely manufactured by renowned European brands such as MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Alexander Dennis Limited (for its double decker buses).

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Tower Transit Singapore
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