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SBS Transit is a leading public transport operator in Singapore, it operates bus services and two train lines - Downtown Line and North-East Line. SBS Transit is a member of ComfortDelGro Limited and formerly known as Singapore Bus Service Limited (SBS). Currently, SBS Transit has a huge fleet of more than 3200 buses, comprising of single decker buses and double decker buses, largely manufactured by renowned European brands such as Scania, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. As at June 2014, large quantities of Volvo B9TL (Wrightbus) and Mercedes-Benz Citaro are being acquired as part of the company's fleet renewal and expansion. Singapore Bus Services (SBS) was formed in 1973 with the merger of the then three major private bus companies, namely the Amalgamated Bus Company Limited, the Associated Bus Services (Private) Limited and the United Bus Limited. With the merger, Singapore's public transport system was progressively improved. SBS had also operated operate premium scheduled services under its subsidiary company, SBS Leisure. However, these services were eventually abolished and is no longer in existent. Operator's Website:

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Demonstrator Buses
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Dennis Dart


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Dennis Trident


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Leyland Olympian 3-Axle


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Mercedes-Benz O.405 (Duple Metsec)


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Mercedes-Benz O.405 (Walter Alexander PS)


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Mercedes-Benz O.530 (Citaro)


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Scania N113CRB


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Scania K230UB (Euro IV)


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Scania K230UB (Euro V)


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Volvo B10M Mark II (Walter Alexander PS)


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Volvo B10M Mark II (Duple Metsec)


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Volvo B10M Mark III


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Volvo B10M Mark IV (Duple Metsec)


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Volvo B10M Mark IV (Walter Alexander Strider)


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Volvo B10M Mark IV (Duple Metsec 3500)


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Volvo B10M Mark IV (PSV Soon Chow)


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Volvo Olympian 2-Axle


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Volvo Olympian 3-Axle


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