Cash no longer accepted on Causeway Link CW2 from Queen Street - Bus Interchange

Official poster by Causeway Link on the new payment arrangement.

From 1 Nov 2017, cash will no longer be accepted for fare payment of Causeway Link CW2 at Singapore Queen Street Bus Terminal.

For cash transactions, passengers will have to purchase a token card at the counter before joining the queue for boarding, which costs 20 cents more than existing fare at S$3.50.

Singapore based CEPAS Ez-Link Card or NETS Flashpay contactless cards, and Causeway Link's Manjalink Card are accepted for fare payment. Users of the Manjalink Card will enjoy cheaper fares at S$3.00. Fares remain the same at S$3.30 for Ez-Link Card and NETS Flashpay payment.

Official Announcement by Causeway Link


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