Bus Schedule Revision for Transtar TS3 - Bus Interchange

Bus Schedule Revision for Transtar TS3

New bus schedule for Transtar Cross-border TS3 were put up at CIQ Johor Bahru.

Effective from 27 Jan 2018, Transtar Cross-border bus service TS3 will operate at reduced frequency and shortened operating hours.

Bus service TS3 began operations since Monday, 22 Jan 2018, this schedule revision came 5 days after the introduction. A notice on the new bus schedule was seen at CIQ Johor Bahru (towards Singapore).

With this revision, the number of trips leaving JB CIQ for Singapore will be reduced to 4 departures on Weekdays and 6 departures on Weekends and Public Holidays. Departures from Singapore to JB CIQ will be reduced to 5 trips on weekdays and 6 trips on Weekends and Public Holidays as well. Operating hours will be shortened to end earlier.

During the first week of operations, TS3 was scheduled to run 18 trips a day on Weekdays. The new schedule came into effect on the first Weekend of this bus service.

Official announcement and the new schedule were not available online at the time of post.

Bus timetable on our bus service information page will be updated soon. 

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