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Volvo B10BLE (CNG)

SBS Transit

The Volvo B10BLE(CNG) buses are the first public buses operated by SBS Transit Ltd, to be powered by Compressed Natural Gas(CNG). They look identical to the Volvo Super Olympians, as they had a similiar bumper design(The CNG has a facelifted front). As these buses are powered by CNG, the headroom in the front of the bus(before the exit) is lowered, to accommodate the gas tank that holds the CNG. The engine used to power these buses are also different from it's diesel counterpart. These buses are using the Volvo GH 10 B-245 engine rather than the Volvo DH 10 A-245 found on SBS1688K. Registration period: 19 Apr 2002[SBS2988M] 18 Jul 2002[SBS2989K] 29 Dec 2005 [SBS2990E - SBS2999G] Bodywork The buses are fitted with the Volgren CR222L bodywork, which look identical to the Volvo Super Olympians as they had a similiar bumper design(The CNG has a facelifted front). Discontinuation of orders No more orders were made after the 12 CNGs were delivered successfully, most probably due to the inconvenience of CNG refueling for the buses. Deployment Services: 105, 193, 243 Chartered Service These buses were once used for the Marina Barrage Shuttle that was then operated by SBS Transit Ltd. [SBS1688K is fitted with CR221L bodywork while the CNG buses are fitted with CR222L bodywork] Technical Specifications[/b] Vehicle Make: Volvo Vehicle Model: B10BLE Length: 12 metres Passenger Capacity: Seating: 35 Standing: 49 Total: 84 Engine Model: Volvo GH 10 B-245 Power / Torque: 180kW (245hp) @ 2000rpm / 1050Nm @ 1100-1450rpm Engine Capacity: 9,603cc Emission Standard: Euro 2 Transmission Model: ZF4HP500 Air-Con Make: Coolair

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