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Singapore Budget Terminal

Woodlands Transport

Singapore's first Budget Terminal was closed on 25 September 2012, at 2am. The terminal will then be demolished to facilitate the construction of the new Terminal 4. Budget Terminal was opened on 26 March 2006 due to the emerging trend of budget airlines in Asia and has served travelers well.

Consequently, the free shuttle service between Terminal 2 and Budget Terminal operated by Woodlands Transport will be withdrawn. It has served commuters for about six and a half years, since the open house of Budget Terminal on 15 March 2006, and was introduced with a small fleet of Isuzu buses configured specifically for this purpose.

Since 1 February 2012, three units of Scania K230UB were deployed on this free shuttle service, counting up to about eight months till the closure of Budget Terminal. The buses were subsequently painted into SATS Gateway livery and continued to operate on the last few days of the shuttle service.

The buses commissioned to provide this shuttle service are deployed to operate the on internal shuttle within restricted area after the closure.

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