The parked version of the Mercedes-Benz O.405 uses the same textures as the non-static version. Repaints made could be easily converted to the static version requiring minor edits of the textures. As the upper front portion (where the service plates are placed) has become a part of the front's texture, the existing texture which shows the inner part could be replaced with black background or any desired display. This is to allow rollband or even the electronic display of different sizes to be displayed on this static vehicle.


Extract the content in the .zip file and place them under ...\m-r software\Omsi\Sceneryobjects.


To ensure that your modification works, you are advised retain the file names and file types of the textures. 

To allow the use of same object with different textures, please create a new folder in Sceneryobjects with similar contents in it and remember to change the line under "[friendlyname]" in the SCO file, so that the same name will not be displayed twice in the map editor.

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A row of parked O.405 along the road..


Nearside view of the static vehicle.


A row of parked O.405 at the car park.


Comparison of the static O.405 and the non-static O.405.


Aerial view of the parked O.405 at the car park.

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