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The DAF SB220LT featured in this album is the second batch of SB220LT buses bought by then Trans-Island Bus Services[TIBS]. Bodied by Walter Alexander under the "Setanta" styling, the first unit was registered on the 6th of October 1995. The second batch of SB220LT buses have little to none of the same features as the first batch of SB220LT buses[Except for the engine], which was bodied by Hispano and fitted with a ZF4HP500 4-speed automatic gearbox, contrary to the Voith DIWA D381.4 3-speed gearbox fitted on the second batch of the SB220LT buses. The first batch of DAF SB220LT buses was sold off after retirement to operators in New Zealand. Not known currently, but Bayes Coachlines of New Zealand did own some of the Hispano bodied DAF SB220LT buses that used to belong to TIBS/CSS. Bayes Coachlines also owns both the ex SBS Transit bendy buses [Volvo B10MA, formerly SBS998Y & Mercedes-Benz O405G, formerly SBS999U]. Currently all Walter Alexander bodied DAF SB220LT belong to Kranji Depot[KJDEP]; a common sight in the western part of Singapore. Technical Specifications: Engine model: LT 160L Engine capacity: 11627 cc Suspension system: Air bellow Emission standard: Euro 1 Transmission model: Voith DIWA D381.4 Power/torque: 220 hp (164 kW) @ 1700 rpm / 1150 Nm @ 1550 rpm Air-con model: Hispacold EDS model: LAWO (original), Mobitec MobiLED, LAWO BENEFIT More information and photos of the first batch of Hispano bodied DAF SB220LT buses can be found here: http://www.angelfire.com/in/maranello/upgrade/daf_sb220_p1.html

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